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Revision Author Date Windows 32bit Windows 64bit Commit log
5322 rogerman 2015-11-15 06:08:32 Download Download Cocoa Port:
- Fix crash when loading invalid ROM header data.
5321 rogerman 2015-11-09 03:46:14 Download Download Render3D:
- Explicitly make the Render3D class allocate itself with a cache-aligned base pointer. Fixes SSE2-related alignment crashes with OS/compiler combinations that don’t 16-byte align the base pointer for you.
5320 zeromus 2015-11-08 08:09:54 Download Download clarify how a jit function table is declared, which has implications on whether a giant 256MB static buffer is allocated, which is causing problems when desmume is loaded as a DLL in 32bit systems. shouldnt affect the main windows or cocoa ports, but will cause other ports to take a different (safer and speed indeterminate) codepath. Build scripts must now make a choice to opt into the riskier behaviour.
5319 zeromus 2015-11-06 01:57:46 Download Download win32 - fix crash in some display methods when emulator boots up
5318 zeromus 2015-11-01 14:29:42 Download Download winport - fix bug in AR during fullscreen, and fix long-standing bug with white rectangle in bottom right of DD display method when letterbox area is shown
5317 rogerman 2015-10-29 06:40:54 Download Download Cocoa Port:
- When clicking one of the Save Settings as Default buttons in one of the settings panels, force the user defaults file to synchronize immediately. This fixes updating the user defaults file on OS X v10.11 El Capitan.
- Fix bug where video settings wouldn’t update immediately while the emulation is paused. (Regression from r5310).
- Fix bug where if a ROM is unloaded, the previous video frame would remain instead of blacking out as intended. (Regression from r5310).
5316 rogerman 2015-10-28 05:29:17 Download Download Cocoa Port:
- Add support for displaying the CPU load average in the HUD.
5315 rogerman 2015-10-25 02:11:09 Download Download Cocoa Port:
- Fix bug where using Frame Jump or executing the emulation faster than 1.00x would cause the execution speed to be limited by Vertical Sync.
- Do some code cleanup on CocoaDSOutput.
- Expand the text box further when the RTC is shown.
5314 rogerman 2015-10-21 06:09:52 Download Download Windows Port:
- Fix crashing bug with the OAM Viewer tool.
- Improve the sprite drawing performance of the OAM Viewer tool.
5313 zeromus 2015-10-21 04:34:30 Download Download fix error in arm7 memorymap mask for IO regs (permitted errant register accesses from clobbering outside the regs buffer)
5312 rogerman 2015-10-20 07:01:07 Download Download Cocoa Port (OpenEmu Plug-in):
- Fix crashing bug when initializing the plug-in.
- Update to the latest version of the OpenEmu SDK.
5311 rogerman 2015-10-16 21:26:52 Download Download Cocoa Port:
- Add support for displaying the Real-Time Clock in the HUD.
5310 rogerman 2015-10-16 07:28:42 Download Download Cocoa Port:
- New feature: Add OpenGL-based Heads-Up Display.
5309 rogerman 2015-10-14 18:08:36 Download Download Cocoa Port:
- Fix compiling by removing some future code that accidentally snuck into r5306.
5308 zeromus 2015-10-14 07:52:07 Download Download fix vc2015 build flag on x64 dev+
5307 rogerman 2015-10-13 19:43:40 Download Download Cocoa Port:
- Fix bug where using one of the View > Display Size menu options would fail to work if the window’s resize grip was used previously.
5306 rogerman 2015-10-12 20:06:33 Download Download Cocoa Port:
- Fix some compiler warnings.
- Delete some legacy strings which are no longer used.
5305 rogerman 2015-10-10 22:56:28 Download Download GPU:
- Fix display capture copy mode colors on big-endian systems.
5304 rogerman 2015-10-10 20:16:46 Download Download Cocoa Port:
- Fix some compatibility issues with OS X v10.5 Leopard.
5303 rogerman 2015-10-10 19:53:29 Download Download GPU:
- Fix bug with horizontal offsets. (Regression from r5295.)
- Fix display capture blend mode colors on big-endian systems.