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Revision Author Date Windows 32bit Windows 64bit Commit log
5151 rogerman 2015-03-31 01:34:11 Download Download Cocoa Port:
- Update all info .plist files to v0.9.12 for future SVN builds.
5150 zeromus 2015-03-29 09:12:27 Download Download bump version number for trunk svn builds
5149 zeromus 2015-03-29 09:11:11 No build clarify new version changelog
5146 rogerman 2015-03-29 01:14:03 Download Download Cocoa Port:
- Have SoftRasterizer’s Fragment Sampling Hack be disabled by default.
5145 rogerman 2015-03-29 01:12:47 Download   SoftRasterizer:
- Do some code cleanup around GFX3D_TXTHack. Also make this check a little more robust.
5144 zeromus 2015-03-28 20:26:47 Download Download fix nand more
5143 zeromus 2015-03-28 00:16:41 Download Download winport - remove glitchy save type advanced menu thingy
5142 zeromus 2015-03-28 00:10:53 Download Download clean formatting of r4800, messing up otherwise clean code
5141 zeromus 2015-03-28 00:05:29 Download Download improve previous commit
5140 zeromus 2015-03-27 23:46:53 Download Download fix " #1454 NAND games won't save " by continuing my sloppy fixes from r5052 and r5053 while also removing some of r4880 "optimize read/writes to NAND" since that kind of logic should be handled in the file IO layer even if it isn't now, otherwise the logic is too redundant and complicated spread around the codebase. In the future we need to evaluate using EnablePositionCache() on all the mc.cpp operations
5139 rogerman 2015-03-27 21:45:43 Download Download OGLRender:
- When doing the depth buffer calculation, clamp the depth value to GL_DEPTH_RANGE {0.0, 1.0} in the fragment shader itself. Fixes 3D rendering on older drivers that won’t do the clamp for you. (Regression from r5133.)
5138 rogerman 2015-03-27 20:28:43 Download Download Documentation:
- Add one more note to the Cocoa port changes in ChangeLog.
5137 rogerman 2015-03-27 19:59:31 Download Download Documentation:
- Update release date for README.
- Update Read Me for Macintosh to reflect the current feature set.
5136 rogerman 2015-03-27 19:52:31 Download Download OGLRender:
- Force cache alignment on the 5-bit LUT.
- Better localize OpenGL-specific LUTs.
5135 zeromus 2015-03-27 05:21:40 Download Download update changelog
5134 rogerman 2015-03-26 11:01:27 Download Download OGLRender:
- Revert depth buffer calculation change in r5133 for the z-buffer mode. Keep the w-buffer mode change, since that’s the one that works. Fixes the buttons in Blazer Drive. (Regression from r5133.)
5133 rogerman 2015-03-26 10:30:44 Download Download OGLRender:
- Fix depth buffer calculations. Fixes lots of graphical glitches in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” and many other 3D rendering cases.
5132 rogerman 2015-03-26 09:49:56 Download Download GFX3D:
- Do workaround for possible NaN comparisons being done when Y-sorting. (Addresses bug #1461.)
5131 rogerman 2015-03-25 06:12:03 Download Download Documentation:
- Note Cocoa port changes in the ChangeLog.
5130 zeromus 2015-03-25 06:04:23 Download Download add comments about y-sorting