Automated Pcsx2 builds

These builds are provided by Orphis and are totally free of charge.
New versions on the Git repository are checked every 10 minutes and the builds take a few minutes to complete, please be patient if the newest build doesn't appear here.
If multiple commits are done at the same time, you'll only get the latest one.

Code is hosted on GitHub.
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The Windows build has been made with Visual C++ 2013. You need to install the Visual C++ 2013 (x86) runtime package to run it.
Legacy builds from the SVN repository can be found here

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Revision Author Date Windows 32bit Commit log
v1.3.1-840-g8452d2c Gregory Hainaut 2015-07-31 19:43:06 Download gsdx-ogl: fbmask regression! don't use bit operation with integer
v1.3.1-839-g0c86dd5 refractionpcsx2 2015-07-31 10:56:31 Download Merge: a346ce7 1f6a124 Merge pull request #687 from AdmiralCurtiss/memcard-type-detection-fix Auto-detect memory card types instead of trusting the config ini.
v1.3.1-837-g1f6a124 Admiral H. Curtiss 2015-07-31 01:12:46 No build Remove memory card type from config ini. No longer necessary with the auto-detect.
v1.3.1-836-ga346ce7 refractionpcsx2 2015-07-31 02:09:11 Download Vif: Assume weird numbers with interrupts in NOPs are okay in when transferring the DMA tag. Stops Tarzan hanging without killing Onimuisha Blade Warriors
v1.3.1-836-g9efb8a3 Admiral H. Curtiss 2015-07-31 01:06:31 No build MemoryCard: Auto-detect memory card type. Should fix the issue discussed here:
v1.3.1-835-g7118050 refractionpcsx2 2015-07-30 20:42:09 Download GameDB: Add XGKick hack to gamedb for World Rally Championship 3
v1.3.1-834-gdef2d3f refractionpcsx2 2015-07-30 20:40:06 No build GameDB: Added more gamefix patches by Prafull
v1.3.1-833-gaa8f584 Gregory Hainaut 2015-07-25 17:10:45 Download gsdx-ogl: always issue a barrier when requested Safer this way
v1.3.1-832-g28fbae4 refractionpcsx2 2015-07-27 23:57:14 No build gsdx-gui: Tidy up GUI options
v1.3.1-831-g88bd099 Gregory Hainaut 2015-07-27 17:55:15 No build gsdx-ogl: only print same tex/rt message when prims overlaps Avoid most of the false positive
v1.3.1-830-g350e373 Akash 2015-07-26 08:33:13 No build gsdx-gui: Remove Aggressive CRC hack. The option is pretty much useless, CRC hack level controls the usage of hacks already.
v1.3.1-829-g68833e1 Akash 2015-07-26 06:23:26 No build gsdx-gui: Accurate blending unit for Windows. The following patch merges all the Accurate options related to the blending unit into a single one.
v1.3.1-828-gd191ae4 Gregory Hainaut 2015-07-24 21:56:15 No build glsl: use rounding in convert 4 shader It will avoid texture rouding error with negative number
v1.3.1-827-g7b9fa8f Gregory Hainaut 2015-07-24 20:00:25 No build gsdx-ogl: add an assertion that will save me
v1.3.1-826-g46a1525 Gregory Hainaut 2015-07-23 09:45:47 No build gsdx-ogl: support various texture format creation Such as GL_RGBA32F/GL_RGBA16F/GL_RGBA16UI/GL_RGBA16I/GL_RGBA16 Not yet used
v1.3.1-825-gee9edb0 Gregory Hainaut 2015-07-23 09:29:32 No build gsdx-ogl: create a copy rect with conversion function Previous CopyRect function does a memcopy without conversion. This function will allow to use different format for input/output. Just a possibility for the future
v1.3.1-824-gae8df00 Gregory Hainaut 2015-07-22 09:17:48 No build gsdx-ogl: optimize Cs * As + Cd and Cs * Af + Cd blending Basically the code does the alpha multiplication in the shader therefore the blend unit only does a pure addition. This way the multiplication is accurate and accurate_blending doesn't requires a costly barrier. This code also avoid variable duplication to make the code more separated. Hopefully blending can be done in a separated function It is preliminary work to support fast color clipping with HDR v2: fix assertion compilation failure v3: fix regression in not accurate mode v3: Cs * As/Af is not an accumulation Those cases don't need the Cd addition and were already optimized anyway Fix a regression on GoW2
v1.3.1-823-g12fdc37 Gregory Hainaut 2015-07-21 19:07:24 No build gsdx-ogl: reorganize blending in the renderer Do DATE algo selection before blending. This way we can detect bad interaction. Regroup all blending/colclip in a single block. Avoid to check abe && rt multiple times. v2: only enable sw blending when abe is true
v1.3.1-822-gcaadc73 Gregory Hainaut 2015-07-19 21:40:41 No build gsdx-ogl: add a new level for accurate blending The updated medium level will run for all sprites. It helps sotc blooming effect and it remains fast enough to be enabled by default (at least on 3D games) The new high level will run for all sprites + color clipping
v1.3.1-821-g95c374b Gregory Hainaut 2015-07-19 21:06:08 No build glsl: Round 0.95+ to 1 for texel colors It improves SotC blooming. Suikoden seems to be fine too.