Automated Pcsx2 builds

These builds are provided by Orphis and are totally free of charge.
New versions on the Git repository are checked every 10 minutes and the builds take a few minutes to complete, please be patient if the newest build doesn't appear here.
If multiple commits are done at the same time, you'll only get the latest one.

Code is hosted on GitHub.
See Pcsx2 website for more information.

The Windows build has been made with Visual C++ 2013. You need to install the Visual C++ 2013 (x86) runtime package to run it.
Legacy builds from the SVN repository can be found here

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Revision Author Date Windows 32bit Commit log
v1.2.1-704-g1b555ea Gregory Hainaut 2014-11-24 23:44:32 Download gsdx-linux: Fix GSdx internal counter on linuxThe issue is that clock gives the total cpu time of the process whereaswe want the cpu time of the rendering thread
v1.2.1-703-gb259a46 Nicolas Hillegeer 2014-09-13 17:25:22 Download linux/threads: simplify timer codePossibly also changes the semantics. According to the docs, it should now beequal to the Windows code (up to accuracy issues, of course).v2: done by gregory38Fix miscalculation of time. Unit must be in 1s/GetThreadTicksPerSeconds(). (now us)Factorize a bit GetCpuTime/GetThreadCpuTimeNote: results seems reasonables and mostly equivalent as before.
v1.2.1-702-gfda48f3 ramapcsx2 2014-11-22 11:52:12 Download Merge: 60f7ec0 09c1377Merge pull request #355 from Asmodean-/masterAdd reg.chcr warning check.
v1.2.1-700-g60f7ec0 Gregory Hainaut 2014-11-16 14:09:43 Download Merge: 7964933 8f42b36Merge pull request #351 from Asmodean-/masterGSdx: change post-processing directory & some shader fixes.
v1.2.1-699-g09c1377 Asmodean- 2014-11-21 22:55:35 No build Add reg.chcr warning check.
v1.2.1-698-g8f42b36 Asmodean- 2014-11-15 22:40:00 No build It might help if I changed this for d3d9 also :p
v1.2.1-697-gc72af82 Asmodean- 2014-11-15 22:37:05 No build GSdx: Some post-processing fixes & add shaders directory.
v1.2.1-696-g7964933 Gregory Hainaut 2014-11-16 13:54:07 Download wx: use wx_pizza on wx2.8The new method creates a strange gray box for some users.Unknown status on wx3.0 (which soon will be the default)
v1.2.1-696-g5b3867d Asmodean- 2014-11-15 22:33:23 No build GSdx: change post-processing directory & name.
v1.2.1-695-g276e3d9 Gregory Hainaut 2014-11-14 11:43:42 Download gsdx-ogl: always set texture parameter* Avoid bug after a pause* Not faster anyway* keep old method only for gl retracer to reduce debugging noiseRemove some old&useless comment
v1.2.1-694-g3311336 Gregory Hainaut 2014-11-11 23:45:41 Download gsdx-ogl: disable ARB_bindless_textureI have a crash when I try to delete some texture (for example when the simulator is paused)
v1.2.1-693-g1b5ea06 Gregory Hainaut 2014-11-08 23:06:20 Download debian: only support SSE2 for the default build
v1.2.1-692-g75c96c0 Gregory Hainaut 2014-11-08 23:05:29 No build git ignore: linux profiled data
v1.2.1-691-gb6a951a Gregory Hainaut 2014-11-11 20:54:34 No build gsdx: debug compilation fixI'm not sure gcc behavior is correct here!
v1.2.1-690-g0ca9bab Gregory Hainaut 2014-11-11 16:14:01 Download Merge: ab4eaea 1b836acMerge pull request #344 from Asmodean-/master[GSdx] OpenGL PP Updates
v1.2.1-684-g1b836ac Asmodean- 2014-11-11 15:34:53 No build Fix Cel Shader for OpenGL.
v1.2.1-683-g0e636ce Kieran Hanrahan 2014-11-11 03:41:52 No build A few last bits of cleaning before merge.
v1.2.1-682-ge8a92ae Kieran Hanrahan 2014-11-11 01:57:11 No build Small oversight fix for "sample_texLevel"
v1.2.1-682-gab4eaea Gregory Hainaut 2014-11-11 16:08:23 Download Merge: e73d8f3 30240b4Merge pull request #346 from 3kinox/masterLinux : GSdx AVX fix
v1.2.1-681-gb60e5a6 Kieran Hanrahan 2014-11-11 01:17:21 No build Rearrange to right spot (I blame github editor ;p)