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The Windows build has been made with Visual C++ 2013. You need to install the Visual C++ 2013 (x86) runtime package to run it.
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Revision Author Date Windows 32bit Commit log
v1.3.1-1232-gabdb826 Avi Halachmi (:avih) 2015-10-07 03:44:05 Download GS window title: change State to Slot, minor limiter simplification
v1.3.1-1231-g31813c2 Avi Halachmi (:avih) 2015-10-07 02:32:01 Download GS window title info: improve, shorten The goal here is to reduce clutter and to make it more useful by putting the important values at the begining, and the less used values at the end. The GSdx string is unmodified, and maybe we could simplify it too in the future. Previously, the tile displayed the following items in this order: <GSdx string> - (e.g. GSdx OGL HW | 514x224 | None) <output mode> - Progressive/Interlaced (Frame/Field) <limiter mode> - Limiter: None/Turbo/Slomo/Normal <speed info> - Speed: <100-based-percentage> (<vfps>) <CPU usage> - EE: <%> | GS: <%> | VU <%> | UI: <%> <save state> - State: <slot-number> This patch changes the following to this order and format: - Move the save state value to the front since it's actually useful. - The speed value, which now includes the limiter value if not "Normal". - Then the CPU usage parts, but the UI value only shows on debug/devel builds. - The output mode, shortened to Frame/Field-i/p - the GSdx string same as before only at the end So all the info is still there as before (except UI), but more readable format. E.g. before (normal limiter and turbo limiter): GSdx D3D11 HW | 640x512 | None | Interlaced (frame) | Limiter: Normal | Speed: 100% (50.01) | EE: 43% | GS: 4% | UI: 0% | State 0 GSdx D3D11 HW | 640x512 | None | Interlaced (frame) | Limiter: Turbo | Speed: 443% (221.31) | EE: 99% | GS: 16% | UI: 0% | State 0 E.g. after (normal limiter and turbo limiter) for the same values as above: State 0 | Speed: 100% (50.01) | EE: 43% | GS: 4% | frame-i | GSdx D3D11 HW | 640x512 | None State 0 | Speed (Turbo): 443% (221.31) | EE: 99% | GS: 16% | frame-i | GSdx D3D11 HW | 640x512 | None
v1.3.1-1230-g75b2406 Avi Halachmi (:avih) 2015-10-07 01:49:13 No build macros: fix pxReleaseCode (was inverted), add pxNonReleaseCode pxReleaseCode was not used at the code so nothing is affected. pxNonReleaseCode will be used at the next commit.
v1.3.1-1229-gaddf3d5 Jonathan Li 2015-10-06 18:30:32 Download pcsx2: Throw the exception Coverity CID 146842: Dereference after null check (FORWARD_NULL)
v1.3.1-1228-g76e61d4 Jonathan Li 2015-10-07 01:18:04 Download Merge: 7d6a73a 39dc23e Merge pull request #863 from turtleli/gsdx-dx-select-shader gsdx:windows: refactor dx9/dx11 compile shader code, allow external shader selection via GUI, widen and rearrange GUI
v1.3.1-1220-g7d6a73a Avi Halachmi (:avih) 2015-10-07 00:22:47 Download LilyPad: in PS2 mode - disable configs/hacks which PCSX2 doesn't need Disable and overrides the following hacks at the config and dialog: - Disable screensaver - Safe fullscreen exit on escape - save state in title All of those are hacks which PCSX2 doesn't need anymore and therefore are just confusing if enabled. Note that we assume PCSX2 is synonym for PS2 mode in LilyPad, and while AFAIK it is the case now, it might need a more fine grained override system.
v1.3.1-1219-gfa04f09 Avi Halachmi (:avih) 2015-10-07 00:10:39 No build gui: ESC on fullscreen: better resilience Make sure we exit fullscreen only if the GS window is visible and in fullscreen. While we don't currently have such cases, it's possible that the Sys_Suspend command is called while it's already suspended (and the GS window is hidden) but the code without this patch would have incorrectly made it visible again.
v1.3.1-1218-g9c1688a Avi Halachmi (:avih) 2015-10-06 18:09:45 Download GS window: try to fix ESC on fullscreen sometimes not exiting correctly This tries to emulate LilyPad's "Safe fullscreen exit on escape" hack, and hopefully also makes this LilyPad hack redundant, such that it would fix the issue also with other input plugins.
v1.3.1-1217-g4522418 Avi Halachmi (:avih) 2015-10-06 18:00:16 No build GSFrame: remove unused style argument at ShowFullScreen
v1.3.1-1216-g2cd0829 Avi Halachmi (:avih) 2015-10-06 14:31:36 No build updated a comment that --noguiprompt also works correctly at fullscreen The issue that fullscreen was not restored if the --noguiprompt confirmation was aborted was already fixed implicitly via e4d8af0, therefore the comment ended up incorrect. Also explain why it was broken when emulation was not suspended before this commit, and how it could have been fixed.
v1.3.1-1215-ge4d8af0 Avi Halachmi (:avih) 2015-10-06 00:55:18 No build gui: exit prompt for --noguiprompt: suspend while visible When using --nogui and --noguiprompt and the user presses ESC, a prompt is displayed asking the user to confirm exiting/closing PCSX2. This patch suspends the emulation while this prompt is displayed. Also updated the comment that if LilyPad has "safe fullscreen exit on ESC", then full screen is not restored automatically if this prompt is canceled.
v1.3.1-1214-g5f2e60d Jonathan Li 2015-10-05 17:45:35 No build gui:windows: Scale confirmation dialogs at high DPI This should scale all the other dialogs that don't have specifics widths set.
v1.3.1-1213-g31b1e34 Jonathan Li 2015-10-05 17:44:58 No build gui:windows: Fix memory card dialogs at high DPI Specifying a minimum size for the filename text controls seems to mess up the size calculations at higher DPIs and causes usability issues. Use sizers and proportions instead. Also scale the dialog widths with the DPI.
v1.3.1-1212-gf11596f Jonathan Li 2015-10-05 17:44:48 No build gui: Fix missing retry and abort button labels Retry and abort don't have default labels, so you end up with blank buttons on both Windows and Linux. Fix it. Retry is used by the portable mode settings dialog. I'm not sure if abort is used anywhere.
v1.3.1-1211-g84b1776 Jonathan Li 2015-10-05 08:16:51 No build gui: Fix memory card dialog message truncation Use sizer flags so the messages aren't truncated. The message truncation wasn't noticeable in English.
v1.3.1-1210-g5856d77 Jonathan Li 2015-10-05 01:01:46 No build pcsx2: Pass IsoFile parameter by reference Coverity CID 146905, 146906: Big parameter passed by value (PASS_BY_VALUE)
v1.3.1-1209-g1093c81 Avi Halachmi (:avih) 2015-10-05 20:15:52 No build gui: recording dialog modality: more resilience A very slight refactor of commit 9eadf3 to also handle a future case where the audio has a dialog but the GS doesn't (currently both conditions are false).
v1.3.1-1208-g9eadf35 Avi Halachmi (:avih) 2015-10-05 19:57:14 Download gui: recording dialog - make pseudo-modal also for the main window The dialog was already modal for the GS window, but the main window wasn't blocked and pcsx2 could crash if, e.g. the user tried to close the main window while the recording dialog was visible. Fixes #879
v1.3.1-1207-gd7391ba Jonathan Li 2015-10-05 00:00:14 Download Merge: ad784a5 1cbae66 Merge pull request #872 from turtleli/fix-memcard-dialog-properly Make memory card dialog modal, fix resume on memory card dialog close bug
v1.3.1-1206-g1cbae66 Jonathan Li 2015-10-04 21:49:53 No build pcsx2: Make memory card dialog modal There were bugs in the UI handling that allowed you to resume emulation when the memory card dialog was opened, which could potentially cause data loss/corruption. Make the memory card dialog modal to prevent this. Although it's possible to do with a modeless dialog, the solution will be much more complicated and less future proof. This also fixes the emulation resume bug after closing the memory card dialog.