Automated Pcsx2 builds

These builds are provided by Orphis and are totally free of charge.
New versions on the Git repository are checked every 10 minutes and the builds take a few minutes to complete, please be patient if the newest build doesn't appear here.
If multiple commits are done at the same time, you'll only get the latest one.

Code is hosted on GitHub.
See Pcsx2 website for more information.

The Windows build has been made with Visual C++ 2013. You need to install the Visual C++ 2013 (x86) runtime package to run it.
Legacy builds from the SVN repository can be found here

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Revision Author Date Windows 32bit Commit log
v1.3.1-429-g995ae51 Gregory Hainaut 2015-06-02 09:27:34 Download gsdx-ogl: disable a log message Too verbose and code was fixed anyway
v1.3.1-428-g9fe13f7 Gregory Hainaut 2015-06-02 09:26:58 No build gsdx linux: fix a memory leak Not important but pollute the valgrind log
v1.3.1-427-gb906217 refractionpcsx2 2015-06-02 02:10:32 Download GameDB: Update some patches by prafull
v1.3.1-426-g4914620 refraction 2015-06-01 20:04:39 Download GSDX: Fix for 6x Native, fixed GH3 in native mode taking up quarter of the screen after the snowblind changes
v1.3.1-425-g2cbde89 Gregory Hainaut 2015-06-01 11:48:07 Download Merge: f81cf36 c43ddae Merge pull request #555 from PCSX2/real-fb-format GSdx: better framebuffer format
v1.3.1-420-gf81cf36 Gregory Hainaut 2015-06-01 11:47:40 No build Merge: d793ef8 0cb6c37 Merge pull request #545 from PCSX2/gsdx-half-screen-snow-engine Gsdx half screen (most of) snow engine games
v1.3.1-414-gd793ef8 Gregory Hainaut 2015-06-01 11:18:03 Download Merge: 9fa473a 0f2f258 Merge pull request #358 from PCSX2/baseblock-minor-clean core: use memcpy and reserve function
v1.3.1-412-g9fa473a Gregory Hainaut 2015-05-31 17:55:34 Download gsdx-ogl: glDebugMessageCallback is optional Not even used in release build
v1.3.1-411-g9d69ff1 Gregory Hainaut 2015-05-31 17:38:52 No build gsdx-debug: create the savef option The idea is to easily extract bad frame from gs dump and to compare them with the sw renderer. Here the summary of the options: savet => dump all input textures save => dump the render target savez => dump the depth buffer savef => dump the frame
v1.3.1-410-gd301848 Gregory Hainaut 2015-05-30 19:01:09 Download gsdx-ogl: fix paltex on opengl RT uses as palette must use the alpha channel Palette texture uses the red channel
v1.3.1-409-g2f2ae2b Gregory Hainaut 2015-05-30 09:56:12 Download gsdx-ogl: enable gl tracing on windows Trace info is enabled in dbg/dev build for the opengl renderer Info is stored in GSdx_opengl_debug.txt when debug_opengl option is 1
v1.3.1-408-g009dd10 Gregory Hainaut 2015-05-30 09:54:20 No build gsdx-ogl: protect the trace with if statement And mark the function as optional
v1.3.1-408-g0cb6c37 Gregory Hainaut 2015-05-18 07:40:01 No build gsdx-tc: add an explanation of the magic number 0x140
v1.3.1-407-ga639634 Gregory Hainaut 2015-05-29 18:38:19 No build gsdx-ogl: actually code use 4.0 GL_ARB_draw_buffers_blend It is used for glBlendEquationSeparateiARB && gl_BlendFuncSeparateiARB The 3.0 function could work too. It just need to be added
v1.3.1-407-g97b2377 refraction 2015-05-13 20:00:25 No build gsdx: detect RT size based on fb size and gs output configuration * It is required for snowbling games * Targets of Texture cache are dropped.
v1.3.1-406-g92d68b7 Gregory Hainaut 2015-05-29 18:12:08 No build gsdx-ogl: add a performance note for later The idea will be to replace StretchRect for standard case with a framebuffer blit. Potentially it toggles less gl state. Worth a test on Star Ocean 3 that uses a lots this function for stencil emulation
v1.3.1-406-g0227460 Gregory Hainaut 2015-05-13 20:03:36 No build gsdx-ogl: always copy texture into 0,0
v1.3.1-405-ge5326d1 Gregory Hainaut 2015-05-13 20:03:04 No build gsdx-tc: allow to reuse the right part of large RT as source
v1.3.1-405-g426fcf3 refraction 2015-05-29 23:56:30 Download Reverted microVU flag hack, it did nothing it wasn't already doing.
v1.3.1-404-g7ac533a Gregory Hainaut 2015-05-13 20:01:25 No build gsdx-tc: invalidate half-RT src snow engines uses the RT as 2 half RT.