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Code is hosted on GitHub.
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Revision Author Date Android Windows 32bit Windows 64bit Commit log
v1.2.2-710-g6e89d9f Henrik Rydgård 2016-06-27 10:13:57 Download Download Download Merge: befeba7 aae4873 Merge pull request #8835 from unknownbrackets/vulkan Vulkan: Fix spot lighting shader syntax
v1.2.2-708-gbefeba7 Henrik Rydgård 2016-06-27 09:48:24 Download Download Download Merge: 3b67ed5 eb674b4 Merge pull request #8832 from unknownbrackets/pbp-minor Consistently resolve PBP paths, use /s in recent
v1.2.2-705-g3b67ed5 Henrik Rydgård 2016-06-27 09:47:24 No build Merge: e22a429 5009dca Merge pull request #8833 from unknownbrackets/reporting Add reporting for sceKernelDevkitVersion() calls
v1.2.2-703-geb674b4 Unknown W. Brackets 2016-06-27 05:45:04 No build Reduce load delay with many recent http files. If we have data for them, we can start up fairly quickly.
v1.2.2-703-ge22a429 Henrik Rydgård 2016-06-27 09:47:01 No build Merge: d25cc72 dcf8da2 Merge pull request #8831 from unknownbrackets/osk-minor Prevent buffer overrun from OSK dialog
v1.2.2-702-gdcf8da2 Unknown W. Brackets 2016-06-27 05:28:01 No build Prevent buffer overrun from OSK dialog. If there was never a null, by mistake, we'd corrupt memory and then crash. Occurs in the "Sonymon" homebrew.
v1.2.2-702-gaae4873 Unknown W. Brackets 2016-06-27 10:06:13 No build Vulkan: Fix spot lighting shader syntax.
v1.2.2-702-g5009dca Unknown W. Brackets 2016-06-27 05:50:58 No build Add reporting for sceKernelDevkitVersion() calls. We currently default to 1.50 as the reported version, but we more or less emulate a 6.60 system. It may be better to return 6.60, but let's see what would actually be impacted by that first.
v1.2.2-702-g9d6684a Unknown W. Brackets 2016-06-27 05:33:25 No build Consistently resolve PBP paths, use /s in recent. Drag and drop was using \s causing duplicate recent entries and confusing some of the PBP parsing. Let's make it all a bit safer.
v1.2.2-701-gd25cc72 Henrik Rydgård 2016-06-26 11:39:47 Download Download Download Merge: 5ab2676 7695cd7 Merge pull request #8828 from unknownbrackets/reporting Show a confirmation screen after feedback submit
v1.2.2-700-g7695cd7 Unknown W. Brackets 2016-06-26 08:11:07 No build Show a confirmation screen after feedback submit.
v1.2.2-699-g5ab2676 Unknown W. Brackets 2016-06-25 18:59:20 Download Download Download Buildfix.
v1.2.2-698-gb676922 Henrik Rydgård 2016-06-25 18:56:35   Download   Merge: 12be183 7910173 Merge pull request #8825 from unknownbrackets/tex-converge Reduce scale/decode overhead in Direct3D9 and Vulkan
v1.2.2-693-g12be183 Unknown W. Brackets 2016-06-22 06:14:56 Download Download Download Merge: 409c279 24fd336 Merge pull request #8822 from LunaMoo/minorTrUI Write some defaults to textures.ini on creation.
v1.2.2-692-g24fd336 LunaMoo 2016-06-22 05:55:45 No build Create openIniFile function in FileUtil to avoid duplicates + correction
v1.2.2-691-g434c957 LunaMoo 2016-06-22 01:56:52 No build Write some defaults to textures.ini on creation.
v1.2.2-690-g409c279 Henrik Rydgård 2016-06-22 01:07:16 Download Download Download Merge: 2bd0567 8b17793 Merge pull request #8821 from LunaMoo/textureReplacementUI Add basic TextureReplacement UI options.
v1.2.2-689-g8b17793 LunaMoo 2016-06-22 00:33:06 No build Add basic TextureReplacement UI options.
v1.2.2-688-g2bd0567 Unknown W. Brackets 2016-06-21 06:40:53 Download Download Download Merge: 3b6d9ca 101df1d Merge pull request #8818 from LunaMoo/minorCWC CWC improvements/fixes
v1.2.2-686-g7910173 Unknown W. Brackets 2016-06-25 18:13:14 No build d3d9: Decode directly into texture buffer.