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Revision Author Date Android Windows 32bit Windows 64bit Commit log
v1.0.1-442-ge979b3a Henrik Rydgård 2015-04-19 10:27:29 Download Download Download Merge: 52b7bab ce9f404 Merge pull request #7696 from unknownbrackets/texcache2 Unswizzle when reading from the swizzled mirror
v1.0.1-440-g52b7bab Henrik Rydgård 2015-04-19 10:24:39 No build Merge: 9f7554c 5ee062c Merge pull request #7698 from unknownbrackets/bezier-minor Try to optimize bezier color sampling
v1.0.1-438-g9f7554c Henrik Rydgård 2015-04-19 10:23:15 Download   Download Merge: 49783ed 2e4d208 Merge pull request #7699 from unknownbrackets/d3d9 d3d9: Clear the stencil/alpha on buffer reformat (matching GLES)
v1.0.1-437-g2e4d208 Unknown W. Brackets 2015-04-19 02:40:21 No build d3d9: Reset viewport when clearing framebuf.
v1.0.1-436-geb98d89 Unknown W. Brackets 2015-02-26 17:41:10 No build d3d9: clear alpha on switch from 565 buffer. For parity with OpenGL.
v1.0.1-435-gce9f404 Unknown W. Brackets 2015-04-18 21:39:04 No build Unswizzle when reading from the swizzled mirror.
v1.0.1-435-gb12a595 Unknown W. Brackets 2015-02-26 17:40:24 No build d3d9: Make sure to clear alpha to zero.
v1.0.1-435-g5ee062c Unknown W. Brackets 2015-02-28 11:35:07 No build Try to optimize bezier color sampling.
v1.0.1-434-g49783ed Unknown W. Brackets 2015-04-18 09:26:58 Download Download Download Reorganize travis, disable Symbian, add Qt.
v1.0.1-433-g327ca4c Unknown W. Brackets 2015-04-18 08:24:21 Download Download Download Stub invalid vertex decoder colors to avoid crash. These values are invalid, but before we'd call a null pointer if we hit them. Should do tests to see what actual behavior is.
v1.0.1-432-g42bcea7 Unknown W. Brackets 2015-04-17 21:52:57 Download Download Download Report when minz/maxz is used in an effective way. As long as it's outside the viewport it should be clipped anyway. One concern is, does clipenable affect z? A game could depend on that.
v1.0.1-431-ga9ff7c2 Henrik Rydgard 2015-04-17 08:33:05 Download Download Download Reject too-small spline patches. Might help #7690.
v1.0.1-430-g5d704e4 Unknown W. Brackets 2015-04-16 18:45:07 Download Download Download Merge: b818509 68893c7 Merge pull request #7688 from hrydgard/spline-fix Workaround crashes in spline code, fixing #7684
v1.0.1-426-g68893c7 Henrik Rydgard 2015-04-16 18:31:28 No build Spline: Fix an unrelated kind-of-bug
v1.0.1-425-g6587f4d Henrik Rydgard 2015-04-16 18:29:50 No build Spline: Fix #7684 by removing awful epsilons that "fixed" off-by-ones depending on vertex count because of fp rounding.
v1.0.1-424-gb818509 Unknown W. Brackets 2015-04-15 08:16:34 Download Download Download x86jit: Fix clobbering address in lv.q/sv.q. We can't let it go into EAX. Hmm, maybe there's a cleaner way. Should fix #7686.
v1.0.1-424-g2e38762 Henrik Rydgard 2015-04-16 18:22:08 No build Spline: Add commented-out sanity check for debugging
v1.0.1-423-gb330524 Henrik Rydgard 2015-04-16 18:18:49 No build Spline: Not that it should matter, but move the patch_div clamping down after the subsampling
v1.0.1-423-g4aa92ed Unknown W. Brackets 2015-04-14 04:09:53 Download Download Download Read fcr1-30 as 0. Accidentally broken in 91966824bbb8dc54783d9064ffe8260d81e86dc0.
v1.0.1-422-g8effb3e Unknown W. Brackets 2015-04-14 03:44:30 Download   Download Try new Travis Ubuntu version.