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Revision Author Date Android Windows 32bit Windows 64bit Commit log
v1.0.1-234-g67d9233 Unknown W. Brackets 2015-03-29 05:46:37 Download Download Download Fix some compiler warnings.Oops, f format in hle logging wasn't working right. See #7641.
v1.0.1-233-g13c08ab Henrik Rydgård 2015-03-28 22:57:06 Download Download Download Merge: 0edfb75 8d5f843Merge pull request #7640 from unknownbrackets/minorDisable reporting for some thread funcs
v1.0.1-232-g8d5f843 Unknown W. Brackets 2015-03-28 22:46:09 No build Cleanup thread start and create logging.Also report less cases.
v1.0.1-231-gfc3d6ff Unknown W. Brackets 2015-03-28 22:28:51 No build Disable reporting for some thread funcs.We know they are misused and it's not giving us extra information.
v1.0.1-230-g0edfb75 Henrik Rydgård 2015-03-28 22:00:50 Download Download Download Merge: 0978500 d575a71Merge pull request #7639 from unknownbrackets/minorUpdate ffmpeg, clean up some state on reset
v1.0.1-229-gd575a71 Unknown W. Brackets 2015-03-28 21:08:13 No build Update ffmpeg Mac build, fixes #7423.
v1.0.1-228-g03bd1b9 Unknown W. Brackets 2015-03-28 21:06:57 No build Initialize a few sas values earlier.This just makes things a little safer, none of these ought to be usedwithout Start or similar.
v1.0.1-227-g0aaabca Unknown W. Brackets 2015-03-28 21:01:49 No build Clear old registered action types on reset.
v1.0.1-226-gc642f92 Unknown W. Brackets 2015-03-28 21:01:30 No build Initialize a few display state values on init.
v1.0.1-225-g27e27f1 Unknown W. Brackets 2015-03-28 21:01:10 No build Shutdown a couple dialogs more correctly.This brings them back to none instead of shutdown.
v1.0.1-224-g0978500 Henrik Rydgård 2015-03-28 00:09:46 Download Download Download Merge: 62e621f ae4811dMerge pull request #7635 from unknownbrackets/atrac-minorKeep separate track of ffmpeg pos and decode pos
v1.0.1-223-gae4811d Unknown W. Brackets 2015-03-27 06:34:45 No build Still fudge seek positions for low level.Since in this case we're tricking it into reading the same buffer area.
v1.0.1-222-g425eed7 Unknown W. Brackets 2015-03-27 04:23:37 No build Keep separate track of ffmpeg pos and decode pos.FFmpeg buffers, so forcing the pos only makes FFmpeg read in garbagebecause it doesn't know that you seeked in the bytestream on it.
v1.0.1-221-g62e621f Henrik Rydgård 2015-03-26 00:29:51 Download Download Download Merge: b9fbaed 7a974b3Merge pull request #6976 from unknownbrackets/atrac-minorWhen seeking to atrac positions, force alignment and start from zero
v1.0.1-216-gb9fbaed Henrik Rydgård 2015-03-26 00:25:55 Download Download   Merge: 79fc557 c2153ffMerge pull request #7628 from unknownbrackets/hle-logAdd a more centralized method of HLE logging
v1.0.1-210-gc2153ff Unknown W. Brackets 2015-03-23 05:22:40 No build Add new logging in sceKernelCreateThread().
v1.0.1-209-g74c6f26 Unknown W. Brackets 2015-03-23 05:06:08 No build Add log formatting for 64-bit arg types + stack.
v1.0.1-208-g110cc11 Unknown W. Brackets 2015-03-23 04:27:08 No build Change some logging in the last Callback func.
v1.0.1-207-g79fc557 Henrik Rydgård 2015-03-23 15:22:08 Download Download Download Merge: 3ef8c70 3549705Merge pull request #7626 from sum2012/GPU-minorGPU:Avoid "decimate" the usageFlags corrupted memory
v1.0.1-207-g52a37c1 Unknown W. Brackets 2015-03-23 01:11:52 No build Actually use the table's arg and ret masks.