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Revision Author Date Android Windows 32bit Windows 64bit Commit log
v0.9.9.1-190-gbaf4655 Unknown W. Brackets 2014-09-01 06:13:51 Download Download Download Fix a bad iterator dereference in sceMpeg.Though not sure it should actually reach here, let's at least not crash.
v0.9.9.1-189-g1fd2316 Henrik Rydgård 2014-09-01 00:54:56 Download Download Download Merge: ff8846e 06fae5bMerge pull request #6818 from sum2012/logAdd a "no loop information" log
v0.9.9.1-188-g06fae5b sum2012 2014-08-31 22:47:12 No build Add a "no loop information" log
v0.9.9.1-187-gff8846e Unknown W. Brackets 2014-08-31 18:25:00 Download Download Download Disable the loadexec test for now.It hangs because it calls sceKernelSelfStopUnloadModule which we ignore,but for now let's skip it to speed up tests.
v0.9.9.1-186-g612cc37 The Dax 2014-08-31 10:16:22 Download Download Download Fix a couple small style issues.Trying to be consistent with the coding style..
v0.9.9.1-185-gc02f1ca Henrik Rydgård 2014-08-31 09:30:51 Download Download Download Merge: 94ee0c5 5f6f682Merge pull request #6812 from unknownbrackets/jit-minorCorrectly handle flags/temp regs when setting rounding mode
v0.9.9.1-180-g94ee0c5 Henrik Rydgård 2014-08-31 09:29:09 No build Merge: afb31ef e1d2e72Merge pull request #6815 from unknownbrackets/gpu-minorEat cycles during GE block transfers
v0.9.9.1-175-gafb31ef Henrik Rydgård 2014-08-31 09:27:46 No build Merge: 218fd7b 9ce5c49Merge pull request #6811 from unknownbrackets/d3d9d3d: Add basic stencil mask handling
v0.9.9.1-173-g218fd7b Henrik Rydgård 2014-08-31 09:27:23 No build Merge: 64bc2b7 55cb292Merge pull request #6805 from sum2012/kernelFix sceKernelSelfStopUnloadModule parameters
v0.9.9.1-170-g64bc2b7 Henrik Rydgård 2014-08-31 09:26:31 No build Merge: abe08c9 f222123Merge pull request #6816 from thedax/win32-UnicodeWin32: Use wide strings to parse some command-line arguments, and convert them to proper UTF-8 for others.
v0.9.9.1-168-ge1d2e72 Unknown W. Brackets 2014-08-31 07:14:58 No build Add block transfer to null gpu.For tests, better to have it here.
v0.9.9.1-168-g5f6f682 Unknown W. Brackets 2014-08-31 08:48:27 No build jit: Update rounding mode immediately on ctc1.
v0.9.9.1-167-gf222123 The Dax 2014-08-31 09:19:19 No build Remove a few unneeded parentheses, and use nullptr instead of NULL.
v0.9.9.1-167-ge8cdbcc Unknown W. Brackets 2014-08-31 01:46:43 No build x86jit: Fix some flags/EAX trashing in rounding.Fixes #6810.
v0.9.9.1-167-gde0a914 Unknown W. Brackets 2014-08-31 07:06:38 No build Fix a type conversion warning.
v0.9.9.1-166-gabe08c9 Henrik Rydgard 2014-08-31 09:11:22 Download Download Download Update native (now compiles dx shaders as 2_0)
v0.9.9.1-166-g906396c The Dax 2014-08-31 09:05:59 No build GetWideCmdLine doesn't need to be exposed in the header anymore.Also fix a warning.
v0.9.9.1-166-g514772e Unknown W. Brackets 2014-08-31 07:06:25 No build Avoid some magic numbers.
v0.9.9.1-166-g8daff0a Unknown W. Brackets 2014-08-31 01:43:13 No build armjit: Fix some downcount issues with rounding.When setting the rounding mode we need to be super careful about notdestroying flags or R0 if they are needed.
v0.9.9.1-165-g3590352 The Dax 2014-08-31 07:17:25 No build Win32: Use wide strings to parse most command-line arguments.Also do a tiny bit of cleanup in main.cpp (replacing strcmps with simple string equality checks).