Automated Pcsx2 builds

These builds are provided by Orphis and are totally free of charge.
New versions on the Git repository are checked every 10 minutes and the builds take a few minutes to complete, please be patient if the newest build doesn't appear here.
If multiple commits are done at the same time, you'll only get the latest one.

Code is hosted on GitHub.
See Pcsx2 website for more information.

The Windows build has been made with Visual C++ 2019. You need to install the Visual C++ 2019 (x86) runtime package to run it.
Legacy builds from the SVN repository can be found here

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Revision Author Date Windows 32bit Commit log
v1.7.3012 Mrlinkwii 2022-06-27 00:55:11 Download GameDB: fix up wrong titles
v1.7.3011 lightningterror 2022-06-26 19:23:49 Download USB: More variable scope warnings. Looks like there are still more, let's see if it complains more about this file. Codacy.
v1.7.3010 BuildTools 2022-06-26 16:22:44 Download Readme: Update Linux version
v1.7.3009 lightningterror 2022-06-26 18:06:44 No build USB: Cleanup more variable scope warnings. Codacy. Looks like I missed some.
v1.7.3008 Ty Lamontagne 2022-06-25 19:20:03 Download Core: Replace old include guard with pragma once
v1.7.3007 Connor McLaughlin 2022-06-23 14:18:55 Download GS/TextureCache: Unswizzle shared texture formats when hashing Fixes formats such as PSMT4HL giving different hashes depending on what the overlapping/shared pixels in local memory contain. Enable this unconditionally, rather than only when dumping, because unswizzling and hashing is around 25% faster on AVX2 builds than hashing the backing local memory for larger textures (e.g. Star Ocean 3 menus). Also has the added bonus of hitting the cache more often in such cases too.
v1.7.3006 refractionpcsx2 2022-06-25 17:32:54 Download VU: YOLO T-Bit on MTVU More games than I expected just turn T-Bit on but never actually use it, which causes poor performance in MTVU due to threading. If there is a game that uses it, we can disable MTVU in the GameDB, since it will break the performance of the game, even if we try to handle it correctly. Maybe we can re-enable it in the future if some threading genius figures it out.
v1.7.3005 refractionpcsx2 2022-06-25 17:46:59 Download GS: Don't do interlace offset if de-interlacing is disabled.
v1.7.3004 Mrlinkwii 2022-06-25 17:06:48 Download Gamedb: Fix game names
v1.7.3003 refractionpcsx2 2022-06-25 17:01:39 Download IPU: Fix GT3 regression from #6506 BTW it was totally not my suggestion to change it and I take no responsibility for the fact I bro.. I mean LT broke it.
v1.7.3002 lightningterror 2022-06-25 11:38:39 Download GS-hw: Fix redundant condition warning. Codacy.
v1.7.3001-1-g57595c70b lightningterror 2022-06-25 11:33:37 No build PAD: Fix expression is always false warning. Codacy.
v1.7.3001 lightningterror 2022-06-25 01:19:00 Download iR5900: Cleanup variable scope. Codacy.
v1.7.3000-3-gba07e46cf lightningterror 2022-06-25 01:18:12 No build iR3000A: Cleanup variable scope. Codacy.
v1.7.3000-2-gf19ba1b0d lightningterror 2022-06-25 01:14:43 No build iFPUd: Cleanup variable scope. Codacy.
v1.7.3000-1-g51887f1cb lightningterror 2022-06-25 01:13:10 No build BaseBlockEx: Cleanup variable scope. Codacy.
v1.7.3000 refractionpcsx2 2022-06-24 21:00:34 Download GS: Limit the offset for FFMD to prevent over scaling.
v1.7.2999-2-g75d57640e refractionpcsx2 2022-06-24 03:54:29 No build GS: Rework interlace offsets
v1.7.2999-1-g56316ffcc refractionpcsx2 2022-06-23 22:46:53 No build GS: Add internal FFMD offset to interlace.
v1.7.2999 Mrlinkwii 2022-06-25 01:35:51 Download Gamedb:Add missing serials