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Revision Author Date Android Windows 32bit Windows 64bit Commit log
v1.13.2-2085-ge4998ade6 Henrik Rydgård 2022-11-27 09:02:57 Download Download Download Merge: 767a877ab 1d0082452 Merge pull request #16442 from unknownbrackets/vulkan-geometry-safety Vulkan: Only use geometry shaders with accurate depth
v1.13.2-2083-g767a877ab Henrik Rydgård 2022-11-27 00:02:32 Download Download Download Merge: a4b4d4ae2 223ca5888 Merge pull request #16441 from ThirteenAG/master Exposed more emulator things to devctl api
v1.13.2-2081-ga4b4d4ae2 Henrik Rydgård 2022-11-27 00:01:58 No build Merge: 895211048 2e1e11f11 Merge pull request #16439 from unknownbrackets/ppge-512 PPGe: Respect 512 texture limit
v1.13.2-2079-g895211048 Henrik Rydgård 2022-11-26 23:01:19 Download Download Download Merge: 0b375bb35 909f3feae Merge pull request #16440 from unknownbrackets/softgpu-inversion softgpu: Allow inversions when w >= -1.0
v1.13.2-2078-g909f3feae Unknown W. Brackets 2022-11-26 21:11:56 No build softgpu: Allow inversions when w >= -1.0. This seems to match desired cases well, see #16131. Likely still inaccurate to what hardware actually does.
v1.13.2-2078-g2e1e11f11 Unknown W. Brackets 2022-11-26 21:03:21 No build PPGe: Respect 512 texture limit. If a message ends up rendering wider than 512 (which can happen because we use higher quality fonts than 1x), draw in tiles to avoid accessing texels outside 512. Fixes an issue in Sakura Taisen in the software renderer.
v1.13.2-2078-g1d0082452 Unknown W. Brackets 2022-11-27 08:27:59 No build Vulkan: Only use geometry shaders with accurate z. Just to be safe, since that's what it's most well tested with.
v1.13.2-2077-g223ca5888 ThirteenAG 2022-11-26 14:55:45 No build exposed more emulator things to devctl api added EMULATOR_DEVCTL__TOGGLE_FASTFORWARD EMULATOR_DEVCTL__GET_ASPECT_RATIO EMULATOR_DEVCTL__GET_SCALE
v1.13.2-2077-g0b375bb35 Henrik Rydgård 2022-11-26 18:53:13 Download Download Download Colin McRae: Use compat flag to avoid GPU readbacks for VRAM->VRAM copies. Improves performance when the sun is visible, see #7810
v1.13.2-2076-gf4b78bacd Henrik Rydgård 2022-11-26 10:38:23 Download Download Download MacOSX: Apply potential fix for #16376 See #16376. Tested not to break anything on MacOS Mojave. Unfortunately I can't test on Ventura on my x64 mac, it's too old.
v1.13.2-2075-g9c033fb57 Henrik Rydgård 2022-11-25 21:21:57 Download Download Download Merge: 612ad59e2 aa66b9312 Merge pull request #16437 from lvonasek/feature_openxr_hud_improvement OpenXR - HUD improvements
v1.13.2-2063-g612ad59e2 Henrik Rydgård 2022-11-25 18:29:44 Download Download Download Merge: b7a594ed9 8c31625fd Merge pull request #16435 from hrydgard/more-ui-cleanups More post-shader UI improvements
v1.13.2-2060-gb7a594ed9 Henrik Rydgård 2022-11-25 18:29:21 No build Merge: d97035fff d38019ee6 Merge pull request #16436 from hrydgard/basic-vr-ci Add basic CI support for build-testing the Android-based VR build.
v1.13.2-2060-g8c31625fd Henrik Rydgård 2022-11-25 10:28:03 No build Make post-shader parameter values update live
v1.13.2-2059-gd38019ee6 Henrik Rydgård 2022-11-25 10:48:24 No build Add basic CI support for build-testing the Android-based VR build. Note: Doesn't do APK generation, to keep things simple, instead using the old NDK build. Later should run gradle on github CI too, I guess. Fixes #15981
v1.13.2-2059-g23ba0d051 Henrik Rydgård 2022-11-25 10:23:59 No build Fix layout issues in AbstractChoiceWithValueDisplay. Remove title text from post shaders to fit.
v1.13.2-2058-gd97035fff Henrik Rydgård 2022-11-25 10:06:41 Download Download Download Merge: 8f141d187 9fcccd789 Merge pull request #16434 from unknownbrackets/stencil-opt Vulkan: Use stencil export when available
v1.13.2-2054-g8f141d187 Henrik Rydgård 2022-11-25 10:03:45 Download   Download Merge: 9eb97830c e4234bcfa Merge pull request #16431 from iota97/grid-center Snap from screen center
v1.13.2-2051-g9eb97830c Henrik Rydgård 2022-11-24 23:49:16   Download Download Merge: 21cc6b85e ca86d8d26 Merge pull request #16432 from hrydgard/cleanup-graphics-settings Cleanup graphics settings list
v1.13.2-2047-gaa66b9312 Lubos 2022-11-25 16:05:30 No build MOve VR heuristics into a standalone method