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Revision Author Date Android Windows 32bit Windows 64bit Commit log
v1.7.5-368-g90a45deab Henrik Rydgård 2019-01-16 23:03:24 Download Download Download Merge: b86c96261 cb9a946f1 Merge pull request #11736 from tilkinsc/patch-1 Added " guards to if not exists
v1.7.5-366-gcb9a946f1 Cody Tilkins 2019-01-16 17:43:35 No build Merge: 1771cea5a 05f53a0fe Merge pull request #2 from tilkinsc/patch-2 Update build-x64.cmd
v1.7.5-364-gb86c96261 Henrik Rydgård 2019-01-15 23:31:55 Download Download Download Update to latest gradle, update lang submodule.
v1.7.5-364-g1771cea5a Cody Tilkins 2019-01-16 17:39:34 No build Added " guards to if not exists The reason why I added this is a just-in-case due to the nature that cmd explodes when something isn't set properly... it can start executing code that shouldn't be obtained. I also fixed a minor formatting error
v1.7.5-364-g05f53a0fe Cody Tilkins 2019-01-16 17:41:01 No build Update build-x64.cmd
v1.7.5-363-ge3dd1533f Henrik Rydgård 2019-01-08 13:19:43 Download Download Download Merge: cb63df2a3 b572dc52a Merge pull request #11724 from hrydgard/remove-readdir_r Remove usage of deprecated function readdir_r
v1.7.5-362-gb572dc52a Henrik Rydgård 2019-01-08 12:29:59 No build Remove usage of deprecated function readdir_r (and ugly Blackberry hack diren_large)
v1.7.5-361-gcb63df2a3 Henrik Rydgård 2019-01-08 12:16:39 Download Download Download Qt: Temporary workaround for #11721 - simply remove the load button (you can still load games from the Games tab)
v1.7.5-360-g28cc87c89 Unknown W. Brackets 2019-01-07 00:50:21 Download Download Download Merge: 79d4b0f5a 5362e675c Merge pull request #11720 from hrydgard/qt-textedit-fixes Try to support Qt keyboard input directly. Fixes #11653
v1.7.5-359-g5362e675c Henrik Rydgård 2019-01-07 00:28:57 No build Address feedback
v1.7.5-358-g5a1fa6008 Henrik Rydgård 2019-01-06 23:46:43 No build Try to support Qt keyboard input directly. Partially fixes #11653 (nickname crash on mac)
v1.7.5-357-g79d4b0f5a Henrik Rydgård 2019-01-06 13:50:23 Download Download Download Check that allocations in SplineCommon succeed. Attempt at #11660 but not optimistic.
v1.7.5-356-gaaa4494cb Henrik Rydgård 2019-01-06 13:34:23     Download Merge: 33e65ea79 e5b75dc29 Merge pull request #11717 from z2442/master Added a check to the pointer for memcpy
v1.7.5-354-g33e65ea79 Henrik Rydgård 2019-01-06 13:15:20 Download Download Download Merge: 99c8423ed 266dd17c2 Merge pull request #11718 from mygizli04/master [iOS Port] Making the Launch Screen not look like crap on newer devices
v1.7.5-353-g266dd17c2 mygizli04 2019-01-06 12:24:39 No build Remove the duplicate
v1.7.5-352-g8a888c57d mygizli04 2019-01-06 11:42:49 No build Update Launch Screen.storyboard
v1.7.5-351-g855df8b56 mygizli04 2019-01-06 11:38:35 No build Typo
v1.7.5-350-g8596cc119 mygizli04 2019-01-06 11:15:18 No build Removed the premade picture Well this both saves some space ( KB's count right? ) and looks better :P The logo is slightly displaced but it's good enough
v1.7.5-349-g6dcf95781 mygizli04 2019-01-06 11:12:55 No build Changing it to import some logo files on the iOS port. I searched EVERYWHERE but couldn't find anything even related to logos or fons.. Well reimporting them has no downside so why not
v1.7.5-348-ge5b75dc29 z2442 2019-01-06 00:46:38 No build Added a check to the pointer for memcpy This check enables the newer builds of daedalus to run.