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Revision Author Date Android Windows 32bit Windows 64bit Commit log
v1.13.2-1346-gbc1975bc9 Henrik Rydgård 2022-10-02 17:06:55 Download Download Download Merge: 33f24efb2 4df7a8f35 Merge pull request #16142 from unknownbrackets/geo-shader Implement geometry shader for range culling
v1.13.2-1343-g4df7a8f35 Unknown W. Brackets 2022-10-02 16:43:35 No build Vulkan: Cleanup unused geometry shader vars. Without clipping, these aren't used (but could be in the future with manual clipping.)
v1.13.2-1342-g2832edcc3 Unknown W. Brackets 2022-10-02 16:41:36 No build Vulkan: Allow configuring geometry shaders on/off.
v1.13.2-1341-g8df956b03 Unknown W. Brackets 2022-10-02 16:32:31 No build Vulkan: Block geometry shaders on older Mali. They're too slow to be usable.
v1.13.2-1340-g36eb0d9ad Unknown W. Brackets 2022-10-02 05:42:00 No build Vulkan: Use geo clip distance only where supported. It might be supported without cull or GS. Otherwise we may need to clip the triangles manually.
v1.13.2-1339-g2ce0cda33 Unknown W. Brackets 2022-10-02 05:39:22 No build Vulkan: Enable geo shader for culling. The compat setting was really for some previously buggy cases that couldn't work without cull.
v1.13.2-1338-gbfaa30446 Unknown W. Brackets 2021-10-28 06:22:45 No build Vulkan: Correct geometry shader culling.
v1.13.2-1337-gac248338b Henrik Rydgård 2021-10-27 09:28:07 No build Vulkan: Cull in geoshader, hack to on for now.
v1.13.2-1336-gcdee10fe8 Henrik Rydgård 2021-10-26 09:56:14 No build Vulkan: Basic geoshader code generation.
v1.13.2-1335-gfbdb27816 Unknown W. Brackets 2022-10-02 05:13:30 No build Vulkan: Update shader cache format for geo shaders.
v1.13.2-1334-gd16caa71a Unknown W. Brackets 2022-10-02 05:01:23 No build Vulkan: Add geometry shader ID tracking. We're still not generating them, yet. But this tracks the objects and IDs through the pipeline.
v1.13.2-1333-g38e16324f Unknown W. Brackets 2022-10-01 23:57:00 No build Vulkan: Clean up shader module tag.
v1.13.2-1333-g33f24efb2 Henrik Rydgård 2022-10-02 16:43:58 Download Download Download Merge: d3f6b9b7e a8c12385c Merge pull request #16146 from unknownbrackets/debugger UI: Prevent rendering during reboot
v1.13.2-1332-ga8c12385c Unknown W. Brackets 2022-10-02 16:25:15 No build UI: Prevent rendering during reboot. Can sometimes crash.
v1.13.2-1332-g878a049f6 Unknown W. Brackets 2022-10-02 04:22:16 No build GPU: Add dirtying for geo shader state. Not yet used, but dirtied at the right times.
v1.13.2-1331-gd3f6b9b7e Henrik Rydgård 2022-10-02 15:40:16 Download Download Download Merge: b36bfc37d 5caa43d05 Merge pull request #16145 from gucio321/polish-translation assets/lang: translate some key phrases in pl_PL.ini
v1.13.2-1329-gb36bfc37d Henrik Rydgård 2022-10-02 15:39:51 Download   Download Merge: 10b226367 ab08db6fc Merge pull request #16139 from hrydgard/tighten-up-format-checks Tighten up some color format checks with displays and copies
v1.13.2-1328-g5caa43d05 gucio321 2022-10-02 15:19:47 No build assets/lang: translate some key phrases in pl_PL.ini I've switched into polish language for a while and noticed that some parts of settings are not translated... It was a bit... harmful ;-)
v1.13.2-1327-g10b226367 Henrik Rydgård 2022-10-02 09:25:45 Download Download Download Merge: 19f4ffef6 4a64a863e Merge pull request #16143 from unknownbrackets/edram-trans Report, save, and frame dump the Edram translation value
v1.13.2-1322-g19f4ffef6 Henrik Rydgård 2022-10-02 09:13:47 No build Merge: d2ce6f513 753ac9530 Merge pull request #16141 from unknownbrackets/debugger Debugger: Fix game.reset by adding a reboot status