Automated PPSSPP builds

These builds are provided by Orphis and are totally free of charge.
New versions on the Git repository are detected automatically and the builds take a few minutes to complete, please be patient if the newest build doesn't appear here.
If multiple commits are done at the same time, you'll only get the latest one.

Code is hosted on GitHub.
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Revision Author Date Android Windows 32bit Windows 64bit Commit log
v1.17.1-35-g0159102a1 Henrik Rydgård 2024-02-28 10:16:20 Download Download Download Merge: bc18fb145 a5842792b Merge pull request #18900 from hrydgard/rcheevos-bump Update rcheevos submodule
v1.17.1-34-ga5842792b Henrik Rydgård 2024-02-28 09:45:20 No build Buildfix
v1.17.1-33-g0f97180ee Henrik Rydgård 2024-02-28 05:26:33 No build Update rcheevos. While doing so, switch to a fork with 3DS hashing support removed.
v1.17.1-32-gbc18fb145 Henrik Rydgård 2024-02-27 11:34:59 Download Download Download Merge: d24f97246 17270825a Merge pull request #18899 from hrydgard/string-fix Simplify a translation string.
v1.17.1-31-g17270825a Henrik Rydgård 2024-02-27 09:27:33 No build Simplify a translation string. Fixes #18897
v1.17.1-30-gd24f97246 Henrik Rydgård 2024-02-27 05:28:53 Download Download Download Merge: 3d58d1ff3 55ae3b1c3 Merge pull request #18896 from rofl0r/fixfscrash FS: fix crash overreading data on flash0
v1.17.1-29-g55ae3b1c3 rofl0r 2024-02-26 18:17:33 No build FS: fix crash overreading data on flash0 noticed while using intrafont with some homebrew code. when using musl libc's hardened malloc, the overread in the code caused PPSSPP to segfault.
v1.17.1-28-g3d58d1ff3 Henrik Rydgård 2024-02-26 13:24:34 Download Download Download Merge: 704994656 13ff41bc2 Merge pull request #18893 from lvonasek/hotfix-openxr-passthrough OpenXR - Passthrough on the latest QuestOS fixed
v1.17.1-26-g704994656 Henrik Rydgård 2024-02-26 13:05:45 Download Download Download Merge: 70cc5da62 90fd476ac Merge pull request #18891 from LunaMoo/Fix_string Fix "Savestate Slot" string
v1.17.1-24-g13ff41bc2 Lubos 2024-02-26 12:56:14 No build OpenXR - Passthrough on the latest QuestOS fixed
v1.17.1-23-g70cc5da62 Henrik Rydgård 2024-02-25 10:45:16 Download Download Download Merge: 539882086 32fbf5392 Merge pull request #18890 from hrydgard/gradle-upgrade Gradle upgrade again
v1.17.1-22-g90fd476ac LunaMoo 2024-02-25 11:17:10 No build Change based on feedback
v1.17.1-22-g32fbf5392 Henrik Rydgård 2024-02-25 09:54:06 No build Andorid: Fix a bunch of lints, to make any important ones not drown in the long list
v1.17.1-21-gb6e673278 Henrik Rydgård 2024-02-25 09:53:48 No build Update gradle
v1.17.1-21-g47b19eb24 LunaMoo 2024-02-25 10:26:13 No build Fix "Savestate Slot" string
v1.17.1-20-g539882086 Henrik Rydgård 2024-02-24 12:49:57 Download Download Download Crashfix on memstick screen. Fixes #18886
v1.17.1-19-gd5cfcccbe Henrik Rydgård 2024-02-23 02:29:01 Download Download Download Merge: 9c2096b70 133e9e37a Merge pull request #18881 from bslenul/crash-fix Crash fix for some games
v1.17.1-18-g133e9e37a Bobby Smith 2024-02-23 01:37:07 No build Crash fix for some games
v1.17.1-17-g9c2096b70 Henrik Rydgård 2024-02-22 04:34:51 Download Download Download Update PS3 controller mapping in gamecontrollerdb.txt. Fixes #18875
v1.17.1-16-gf5450e40e Henrik Rydgård 2024-02-16 13:36:20 Download Download Download Merge: d832f9601 28714178e Merge pull request #18870 from hrydgard/more-arabic-strings Some more Arabic translated strings