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Revision Author Date Android Windows 32bit Windows 64bit Commit log
v1.12.3-1204-g221976ff4 Henrik Rydgård 2022-05-26 18:29:38 Download Download Download Merge: 27c7480ca b706e4ac5 Merge pull request #15553 from Saramagrean/patch-1 Update th_TH.ini
v1.12.3-1202-g27c7480ca Henrik Rydgård 2022-05-26 18:29:09 No build Merge: d91902512 43c54cf5d Merge pull request #15555 from iota97/fix-theme Fix themes as well
v1.12.3-1200-gd91902512 Henrik Rydgård 2022-05-26 18:28:34 No build Merge: bbaa7c638 868568a74 Merge pull request #15554 from unknownbrackets/shader-vfs Postshader: Avoid treating directories as files
v1.12.3-1199-gb706e4ac5 Benjamin Benda Gates 2022-05-25 17:34:43 No build Update th_TH.ini
v1.12.3-1199-g43c54cf5d iota97 2022-05-26 07:07:59 No build Fix themes as well
v1.12.3-1198-gbbaa7c638 Henrik Rydgård 2022-05-25 12:55:47 Download Download Download Merge: 017f71a70 9c248234e Merge pull request #15552 from qwas0514/master Update zh_TW.ini
v1.12.3-1197-g9c248234e qwas0514 2022-05-25 11:57:06 No build Update zh_TW.ini
v1.12.3-1196-g017f71a70 Henrik Rydgård 2022-05-22 23:18:40 Download Download Download Merge: 68dfe825f 925a6d0ae Merge pull request #15549 from unknownbrackets/soltrigger GPU: Hook Sol Trigger func to flush texture
v1.12.3-1194-g68dfe825f Henrik Rydgård 2022-05-22 23:17:58 No build Merge: 957c37b63 a60d27a4f Merge pull request #15550 from unknownbrackets/skip-effects GPU: Fix skip buffer effects rendering
v1.12.3-1192-g957c37b63 Henrik Rydgård 2022-05-22 17:36:17   Download Download Merge: 4c6f6b63d 21fb6e538 Merge pull request #15548 from unknownbrackets/crash-alignment Crash: Recover from unaligned CPU access
v1.12.3-1191-ga60d27a4f Unknown W. Brackets 2022-05-22 21:24:03 No build GPU: Fix skip buffer effects rendering. Broken by blue-to-alpha changes. Without calling SetRenderFramebuffer, we were never reconsidering the initial SKIPDRAW_NON_DISPLAYED_FB flag and all drawing was getting skipped.
v1.12.3-1191-g868568a74 Unknown W. Brackets 2022-05-26 05:04:47 No build Postshader: Avoid treating directories as files.
v1.12.3-1191-g925a6d0ae Unknown W. Brackets 2022-05-22 20:44:49 No build GPU: Hook Sol Trigger func to flush texture. This makes sure the hardware renderer reuploads a texture modified during stall, which they normally skip as an optimization (see #10967, #9449.)
v1.12.3-1190-g4c6f6b63d Henrik Rydgård 2022-05-19 20:41:01 Download Download Download Merge: e9ef6b8ec 75bd828a5 Merge pull request #15541 from jdgleaver/detect-vsync-swap-interval (libretro) Add option to detect and notifiy frontend of internal frame rate changes (60 <-> 30 <-> 20 fps, etc.) + restore 'Duplicate Frames in 30 Hz Games' core option
v1.12.3-1188-ge9ef6b8ec Henrik Rydgård 2022-05-19 20:38:06 No build Merge: 0588a9d5e a10271dc1 Merge pull request #15542 from ANR2ME/adhoc [Adhoc] Fix more inconsistency between Windows and non-Windows
v1.12.3-1182-ga10271dc1 ANR2ME 2022-05-17 19:55:03 No build Detects connection establishment to AdhocServer by combining select and getpeername to increase accuracy.
v1.12.3-1181-gff8b5d53f ANR2ME 2022-05-17 19:36:41 No build We might be missing this in the past.
v1.12.3-1180-gd86dc0bff ANR2ME 2022-04-27 07:25:27 No build Fix sceNetAdhocPtpConnect issue on Windows (ie. Tales of VS) due to getpeername on Windows can return a success when the other side haven't Accepted the connection yet.
v1.12.3-1179-g9497c9879 ANR2ME 2022-03-26 10:26:42 No build Fix sceNetAdhocPtpConnect issue on non-Windows (ie. Taiko no Tatsujin Portable DX on Linux) due to select can flags an unconnected socket as writeable & readable on Linux.
v1.12.3-1179-g0588a9d5e Henrik Rydgård 2022-05-18 18:51:05 Download Download Download Merge: 225c17541 5d60a059e Merge pull request #15544 from Felipefpl/master Updated brazilian portuguese translation